As an art school student who loved to draw I was always fascinated by anatomy. I would study textbooks to try and understand how muscles interacted and fit together. The human body is a complex network of codependent systems that need bodywork through touch to continue functioning at peak condition.

I realized pretty young that an empathetic, healing touch was a gift I wanted to cultivate and, at the encouragement of my friends, I enrolled in school at Hands On Healing Institute in Tujunga, CA. After too many jobs in retail and hospitality I was searching for a career that served my community in a deeper way than just moving capital around. I've spent years now studying different massage modalities and found that no matter your lifestyle - active, sedentary, vegan, omnivore - receiving regular bodywork improves quality of life. Muscle health, circulation, digestion, mood... all of our bodily functions are connected and, when one part is out of whack, the whole system feels imbalanced. We all deserve to feel balanced. We all deserve to feel better.

My mission through Heavy Mellow Massage is to serve the community I've found in LA with prices that make sense and an experience that feels genuine. This is why I offer, along with a range of modalities, the ability to customize your massage experience by choosing the music and oil extracts we work with during the session so we can create an atmosphere that you can truly center yourself within.

Outside of working as a CMT I am a musician and artist and I organize events promoting social justice and local artists within the LA DIY community. A Pisces with Aries moon/rising, I like animals and children and daydreaming. Hope to see you in a session soon!