Do I have to take my clothes off?

I encourage you to undress to the level of your comfort. If you're more comfortable being massaged fully clothed that's ok! As a general rule, massage works best when it's skin-on-skin (it's easier for me to locate muscles) but it's up to you! Your body will be covered by a top sheet for modesty I undrape areas I'm working on and re-drape them when I'm done.

Should I tip? How much?

Yes please! Much of my income comes from tips. Like a restaurant, 20% is a good number.

Is massage safe for me? Do I need a doctor's note?

For some health conditions I will need to assess whether it's medically safe for you to receive a massage. If in the past 3 weeks you've been injured or had surgery, please ask your doctor before receiving bodywork. If you have a history of stroke or heart attack, or are on blood-thinners (anti-coagulants), please bring a note from your doctor stating it's safe to receive a massage. If you have had any recent injections (botox, cortisone), please ask your physician when the affected area is safe for massage. If you are pregnant, you only need a doctor’s note if you are having complications with your pregnancy.

What should I do before/after my session?

Bring water and a snack with you - most people get hungry and thirsty after bodywork and will need to rehydrate. Leave things like jewelry, contacts and dentures at home - jewelry can be hard for me to work around, contacts can dry out over the course of the session and dentures can become uncomfortable with your head in the face cradle. Please take care of your personal hygiene, as well, and make sure you're reasonably clean before a session.

Can I extend my session?

As long as there is not another client booked in the slot behind you extending a session shouldn't be a problem!

Can I have a happy ending?