For in-call appointments I see clients at my studio in the Atwater Village / Glassell Park area of Los Angeles. I am also available for out-call appointments. See the Rates page for more details.


What is Swedish massage?

The two modalities I draw from the most are Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage. For both it's best to use a table so your body can be completely relaxed while we work together.

If your goal is relaxation, Swedish is for you. Swedish technique is characterized by long, gliding strokes to increase circulation of blood and lymph, to rehydrate muscles and to flush out toxins. Maybe you're sore from a workout. Maybe you just want your muscles to feel warm and stretched out. Maybe you just want to chill out and melt into the table. Swedish massage is great for all of that.

What is Deep Tissue massage?

If you're in pain I can do more focused, deeper work. Whether you have chronic pain, a repetitive stress injury or you just woke up sore we can work together to relieve tension and coax muscles that are locked up to relax. There's a common misconception that deep tissue massage is supposed to hurt - even among many masseuses you will find in malls and spas! - but there's good pain and there's bad pain. The technique I use is focused on sinking into the muscles, not grinding or pounding on them. I communicate with you as we go so we can truly work together to loosen you up not beat you up.  You may feel sore after a session but you will NOT be bruised or injured.